Welcome to the new Hogwarts Preparatory Academy!

As all of you know who didn’t receive your invitation letter to Hogwarts for that full-ride magical education you were expecting, Hogwarts Prep was founded to fill the need for all those muggle-born, squibs, half-bloods, pure bloods, and even the curious Muggle or two who have not matriculated at Hogwarts (yet). We have no Houses (that’s a Hogwarts trademark), so we do not sort, nor do we employ House elves. We do have a couple of ghosts knocking about, though, so stay on your toes.Hogwarts as imagined by Jim Kay

Some educators refer to HPA as the egalitarian, public alternative to the more selective and elite Hogwarts. We here at HPA don’t disagree with that assessment, and we readily embrace our mission to deliver a proper magical education to all who seek it. We will always be on friendly terms with our dear mother institution from whom we derive our own name.

Some of you who study here will, one day, transfer to Hogwarts itself. We hope you will look back on your Hogwarts Prep days with pride, and carry on the good name of your alma mater. Most of you will complete your education here, which we are sure will prepare you for a lifetime of magical learning, inquiry, and growth.

Hogwarts Prep was formerly an underground school hidden in plain sight within the prestigious Barrett Honors College at ASU. During this trial phase we worked out the kinks of our school mission, goals, and curriculum, and limited our classes to students who were dual-enrolled at HPA and ASU. These trailblazers did an amazing job of setting the educational bar very high for all future HPA students. We salute them and will always hold them in the greatest esteem. From time to time, you may find them visiting our new campus, eager to make your acquaintance.

Hogwarts Prep is now independent from its Muggle home, and our new grounds are as well-hidden on the map as the location of Hogwarts is. We have asked HPA founder Prof JBH to stay on at Hogwarts Prep as Interim Headmaster while construction continues, and he has kindly consented.

We welcome you most warmly to Hogwarts Preparatory Academy, and remain

At your service,

The Board of Governors MOM-Stamp

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