Joel B Hunter

Snape-2of3Prof JBH, aka Joel B Hunter, was recruited by the Board of Governors to establish and organize the original Hogwarts Preparatory Academy. Hogwarts was overcrowded, and the Ministry recognized that alternative institutions had to be created to provide the essentials of magical instruction to all those who could not be admitted to Hogwarts. Whilst teaching in the Barrett Honors College of a Muggle university, ASU, he covertly opened the first and underground location of Hogwarts Prep. What follows is the Muggle-approved biography that can be seen by all visitors to the HPA site.

Dr Joel B Hunter is a Teacher, Author, and Speaker

He helps students who are intimidated by having to speak in a class discussions, or who are unsure of how to “get” difficult reading assignments, or who feel lost in the thickets of writing an essay.

And he helps mentor his fellow teachers with simple, practical advice about pedagogy, course design, and professional development.

Dr Hunter enjoys sharing his knowledge of humanistic and interdisciplinary education, discussion seminars, and critical thinking to help students and fellow teachers thrive in their academic pursuits.

He is committed to sharing all of his academic and professional work, and making all of his social media presence a place of collaboration, free intellectual property, and exploration.

Dr Hunter’s specialized knowledge is in philosophy and interdisciplinary education. He has particular expertise in setting up and running Socratic seminars, teaching critical thinking skills, and fostering writing excellence in argumentative essays and theses.

He is passionate about helping all students succeed in their most challenging academic endeavors. He likes to write about questions and problems that students have, but are sometimes afraid to ask. He is equally passionate about helping his fellow teachers hone their craft and reap the rewards of their teaching excellence.

Where to find Prof JBH

Dr Hunter created his professional teaching blog, Joel B Hunter PhD, because he wants to help all students succeed in their most challenging humanities, liberal arts, or interdisciplinary courses. Visitors to his site will find guidance, tips, and tools for better reading, writing, and critical thinking. You can also take his tutorial about how to succeed in Honors-level discussion seminars (good for grad students, too). You’ll also find information about courses he’s taught and his publications. You are also welcome to connect with him on Facebook,Twitter, or on just about any platform.

Dr Hunter’s strange-but-true background

In the late 80s, he co-wrote with one of his college roommates, Jeffrey G. Peeples (the real writer), an original screenplay in the vampire mythology called “Thicker Than Water,” which they went on to film and edit. He’s written some poetry (unpublished) and has a novel in the works.

Prior to his teaching philosophy at Truckee Meadows Community College, Dr Hunter was at Barrett Honors College at ASU, where he was awarded for teaching excellence and contributions to the ASU community two years in a row (2013, 2014) by the Devils Advocatesexceptional academic service by the Office of the Dean at Barrett in 2012, and recognition for faculty mentoring by the Director of the Barrett Mentoring Program in 2014. He served as the Director of the Barrett Writing Center in 2013-14.

His scholarly area is in Philosophy (CV). For his complete archive of teaching and research materials, visit his site on

Smyrna-GA2Dr Hunter has an eclectic background. In his former life he was an electrical engineer and worked in environmental consulting (resume). He designed and built systems, like the one on the left, to clean up hazardous compounds at contaminated sites all over the country.

He enjoys getting his hands dirty and turning a wrench every now aRemote-SC-01nd then:

He has loads of other personal interests, from homebrewing to creative writing, cooking (especially baking), and tinkering with mechanical and electrical stuff, sometimes even fixing them.

And he is frightfully enthusiastic about fantasy literature, especially the Harry Potter saga, Lord of the Rings, and many other authors of popular series. You can find his posts and pages devoted to all things literary here at Hogwarts Prep. 2012-4-5-HungerGames-Poster

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