Hogwarts Prep is noted from time to time in the Muggle media. Our MMR (Muggle Media Relations) staff will post links to stories of interest on this page as they become available.

Mugglenet-Academia13 Aug 2012

Prof JBH, Interim HPA Headmaster, discusses his theory about why the Harry Potter series has been so successful in this extensive interview on Mugglenet with Hogwarts Professor John Granger (who grills our beloved Prof on some key points) and host Keith Hawk. Brilliant research assistant Rita McGlynn completes the panel.



17 May 2012

Scotland TV covers the historic conference at St Andrews University. Prof JBH gave his “Folktale Structure” talk (he gets 2 WHOLE SECONDS of screen time–our Obliviator team must have tarried a bit long at the Three Broomsticks) along with many other stellar presentations by a Who’s Who cast of Harry Potter scholars. Many thanks to organizer John Patrick Pazdziora, the School of English, and the Institute for theology, imagination and the arts (ITIA) for a triumphant and groundbreaking event.


02 Oct 2012

The Harry Potter Society at ASU and Barrett Honors College and its founding adviser Prof JBH, in addition to other HP clubs, are discussed. Although not an official ASU club, Prefect B Simpson is a champion of the local Harry Potter Alliance chapter.

HogPro31 Mar 2012

Hogwarts Professor Elizabeth Baird Hardy‘s triumphant return visit to Barrett Honors College at ASU (HPA’s former location) to discuss the all-important geographical and cultural context of Appalachia (app uh LATCH yuh) for understanding The Hunger Games trilogy.



30 Mar 2012

This article describes The Hunger Games course taught by Prof JBH, whose Muggle costume is not very convincing.


09 Oct 2011

Prof JBH is interviewed about Pottermore and the future of the Harry Potter franchise.


22 Aug 2011

Prof JBH responds to an opinion piece critical of Harry Potter fandom. Hogwarts Prep students don’t believe this seemingly articulate and understanding letter writer can be the same demanding, merciless person whom they know in the classroom.



12 Jul 2011

The responsible journalists in the local media, few though they may be, accurately note the original HPA course which now finds its home within these hallowed walls.




12 Jul 2011

No Rita Skeeters at ABC-15 either. Just what we’d expect from David Brinkley‘s organization.



10 Jul 2011

Reporters were very interested in the fallout from the release of the final Harry Potter movie in the franchise. Prof JBH weighs in.



29 Apr 2011

The Hogwarts Professor notes faculty member Elizabeth Baird Hardy‘s speaking engagement at HPA’s former location. Prof JBH swears he isn’t babbling. We’re not so sure. But at least his Muggle outfit isn’t quite so ridiculous.



16 Mar 2010

Hogwarts Professor and Headmaster John Granger describes his guest appearance at the old HPA campus. One of Prof JBH’s stellar students offers a generous and kind reflection on his course in the comment thread. Again, we can vouch for the fact, unlikely as it may seem to his current students, that this is the same person as our Interim Headmaster. And yes, we do random drug checks for Polyjuice Potion. He’s passed them all. So far.

HogsHead05 Jan 2010

Harry Potter pundit extraordinaire and Hog’s Head proprietor Travis Prinzi describes his guest experience at the old HPA campus in this podcast, his 75th (!). Prof Prinzi packed out the house in the Memorial Union theater for a memorable talk and Q&A on the importance of reading the Harry Potter series sociopolitically.

State-Press-Old23 Nov 2009

The State Press covers Prof Prinzi’s visit and lecture [link inactive].



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