Copies of and links to papers, conference talks, and other publications by our esteemed faculty can be accessed at Prof JBH’s site. Most of his philosophical scholarship is in phenomenology and the natural sciences, but while at Barrett Honors College, he was approached by the Board in 2009 to found the original and underground Hogwarts Preparatory Academy. There he developed the unique curriculum of HPA, recruited the first graduating class (2013), as well as maintained his identity as a regular Muggle scholar. Some of his Muggle published work includes…

Ravenclaw-Reader-2015The published manuscript prepared from a conference paper at “A Brand of Fictional Magic” held at St Andrews University, Scotland, appears in the The Ravenclaw Reader

Because it was the first conference in Britain dedicated to scholarship on Harry Potter, it garnered the attention of all the major media on the Isles. Scotland TV shot some video on site and Prof JBH appears for about 2 seconds of air time. (The Obliviators responsible for the leak have been reassigned to the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office.)

Harry Potter for Nerds 2012



Then there is his Harry Potter essay about technology and magic in Harry Potter for Nerds




joel b hunter existentialism harry potter mirror erised 2011

…and another essay about existentialism in Harry Potter which appeared in Reason Papers




Prof Hunter is busy at work on a new research project applying his Proppian model from “Folktale Structures in Harry Potter” to stories within the Middle Earth histories. Stay tuned…

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