Leviosa – It’s On!

The big Harry Potter news this summer is that the Leviosa conference has begun! Hogwarts Prep is pleased to have Prof JBH in attendance and representing the school. Here’s a link and short blurb for his presentation on Saturday, July 9:

Magic, Technology, and Power: The Wizarding World’s Problem with Justice

Magic in the wizarding world of Harry Potter and technology in our ordinary Muggle world are two sides of the same coin. Both magic and technology enhance our natural powers. Their uses also shape our natural and social worlds. We will examine and seek to understand the socio-political effects of magic in Harry Potter – in particular, the wizarding world’s profound and systemic injustices.

Check out the full schedule to see all of the amazing programming the organizers have put together!

Dr. Hunter’s talk picks up from an earlier theme–magic and technology–and examines the social and political implications on the Wizarding World (and allegorically, on ours). He’ll be building on the presentation and essay published in Harry Potter for Nerds with new insights and analysis. Hope to see you there!Harry Potter for Nerds book cover