Prof JBH interviewed on Dumbbells & Dragons

Prof JBH, aka, Dr Joel Hunter, was interviewed by Mr Kenneth Rotter of the fantasy podcast Dumbbells & Dragons this month.

dumbbells-dragons-podcastThe topics they discuss on the show include:

  • how Prof JBH got interested in reading the Hogwarts saga
  • the books vs the movies
  • The Lord of the Rings and the importance of Sam Gamgee
  • homebrewing, choral singing, and Coachella
  • the superpower he would like to have
  • working out
  • his favorite character in Harry Potter (can you guess?)
  • the portrayal of Snape by Alan Rickman
  • the upcoming Leviosa conference
  • Ravenclaw Reader
  • parting advice for D&D listeners

Enjoy, and do support D&D by subscribing on iTunes and giving them a review! Roll a D6, gang.

In Memoriam: Alan Rickman

Rickman Snape

The faculty, staff and students here at Hogwarts Preparatory Academy extend their deepest sympathies to the Rickman family and friends, as well as friends around the world of the Hogwarts saga, on this sad day of his passing through the Veil. With the exception of Richard Harris, perhaps no other actor in the Harry Potter movie franchise better inhabited the role of a character in the book. Your vocal talent was incapable of the whiny, high-pitched tone that I always heard when reading Severus Snape, but your gifts and skill as a physical actor, showing us the internal struggles of our beloved Potions Master, and expressing the appropriate emotional range of this flawed hero, took over the character with a fidelity that is rarely achieved in movie adaptations of written works. Rest in peace. Always.